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Why do we LOVE Artists & Writers?

Let us count the ways! Goodness, for many of the same reasons you all do, we have a great appreciation for writers and artists. We both love to read...a LOT, we both have dabbled in artistic pursuits and we celebrate those who are finding their niches. One of our strongest reasons is our one and only daughter, a rose among thorns...wait...or more like a tigress among puppies.

Anneliese called her 3 brothers "her boys" when they were little and by golly she meant it. She still means it. Our sons are chill. She's fierce - and loves fiercely. For her senior project she wrote (over 3 painstaking years) and self published an amazing novel (with a bit of prodding and a few standoffs with mom, he he) and she had a booth at Kublacon in San Francisco and signed and sold a very respectable number of books. She's a writer and an artist...and a pie baker at her grandmothers diner. She's spectacular at all three.

Much to my happiness, I realized her Facebook page for her comic strip (short lived, sadly) is still live. Along with my passion to bring back Firefly, I'd give a kidney away if she continued doing

Today, we share with you a sampler of this comic strip, a creation of a 14 year old girl, with wit beyond her years. We've always been proud of our kids and want them pursuing what gives them joy. I have seen the struggle of our young creative as she's pursued her gifts, wowed her art teacher, and have grown women asking her to write a sequel for Remnants (picture dragons in Ancient Persia). To young artist's and writers out there, keep doing your thing, you bless others with your gift in ways you don't even know. Don't stop believing, I mean it! Believe, be brave, create; people will always need great stories and beauty! Know that there are people applauding as you keep going - maybe you can't hear them, but they're there. Maybe you were made for this.

Please enjoy this sampling of Anna's comic about a girl and her dragon.

Have a great week, Heroes, and don't

forget these dates:


Mike Royer (Jack Kirby inker) Signing


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