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We're making the world a happier place and slaying boredom, one comic at a time!


You can sponsor a comic for a child in our local Pediatric Oncology Unit!
We recently learned that nurses at Asante RRMC place a comic (previously, from the Free Comic Book Day donation we bring each year) onto the pillow for a child upon being admitted into their room. It made our eyes - and hearts - fill up, so together we're aiming to keep them stocked with comics all year!  
Rogue City is matching what you give, so let's do this one, small kindness together.  #kindnessisasuperpower

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Vincent Rush, knocked our Rogue City exclusive covers of "We Live" (Vol. 2) #1 OUT OF THE PARK! He's working on some secret projects that will continue to get his work seen on bigger stages in the industry and feel, one day soon, he'll be "discovered" by DC or Marvel.
Get your set of limited print, connecting covers at the shop with a "locals only" discount of $19 a set! The interiors are separate, complimentary stories. Also, if you look closely, you'll see the first cover appearance of Rogue City Comics! ;)

the shop

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At Rogue City Comics, we believe in the power of words,

the scent of books, and the feel of paper in your hands. We believe reading comics is one of the best ways to relax and unplug.


We believe in community and changing the world - and your

hometown - by loving your city and the people in it.

We grew up in Southern Oregon, have been enjoying life together for over 32 years, and we raised our amazing 4 kiddos - quadruplets - here.

It's our joy to be your neighborhood mom and pop comic shop!


Come in, see our beautiful, historic1906 space downtown

and we'll help you diversify your portfolio or find your next reading adventure!

Earth needs comics.

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Dollar Notes

We buy, sell, and trade comics.
Rogue City Comics can help exchange old comics for cash or store credit! 



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