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Comics in the Time of Coronavirus

The year 2020 began like every other year for us. Who knew back then we'd spend so many weeks quarantined as a nation and the word "unprecedented" would come into common usage? Who could possibly have known the havoc to come in the NYSE, that business giants like Starbucks would shutter their doors, and that new comic book Wednesday would grind to an unfathomable halt? We were pretty nervous, because new comic sales have been the heart of our ability to pay the bills.

We then began hearing mutterings in the media, ridiculous (to me) speculation about the strength of the comics industry. Would it survive? Can it survive? I thought, clearly the people writing those headlines must not be true comic book people. We believe, yes, of course our industry will survive. Earth needs comics is the one thing I'm sure of right now. The comics industry is filled with speculation, it's part of the appeal for some...ALL of the appeal for others.

We get to look into your faces each week and we know how you feel about comic books. Our shared passion for this medium won't be quenched by interruptions. We're patient, we'll get through these challenges. This industry cannot be brought down by viruses or upheaval in the world. Comics will always remain. I'm a believer. There will always be stories to be written and art that sketches and colors them into existence. We need what comics provide. Comics unite us.

As "mom and pop" brick and mortar shop owners in Oregon, when other states locked down fully, somehow we fell into a gray area and were able to remain open. As we read about so many of our favorite shops in big cities having to close temporarily, we hoped to remain open as long as we could. We're so thankful to be open and remain hopeful that soon, EVERY shop will be up and running.

My other half kept pricing the oldies and creating awesome bundles of joy. Our comic book family has done the rest. You keep showing up. Sometimes with treats - the edible and artistic varieties. (Thanks for making us speechless with your kindness, you know who you are!) We are so thankful to share life with you, Heroes!

For the comic book family around the world, comics will always be essential. As shipments trickle back into our shops around the world, we're confident the love of comics will keep bringing people together, regardless of the required distance between us.

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