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Arms Wide Open

We welcome 2021 with a quote from Steven...Spielberg:

"All of us every single year, we're a different person. I don't think we're the same person all our lives."

I love this. I love that I truly do change as a human, with every year that passes. Any given day, in a moment, we can change. The goal for me, always, to be a better human in the coming year (or day), than the year before. Even though we may not experience absolute relief from hardships or freedom from existing challenges, we have a chance for a new perspective.

I'm going to reveal one of my perspective shifting things that helped me in 2020. I found the podcast "Wrongful Convictions". I have been shocked, incredulous, and awestruck at the fortitude of the human heart. It rips my guts out almost every time I listen. Although, I don't wish to minimize the tragedy experienced by the huge numbers of our brothers and sisters incarcerated for decades on outdated junk science or false confessions, it does make me want to live each day, gratefully, to the fullest. I want to make the most of every minute and every blessing.

As we walk into this new year, full of promise and hope, as retailers, we want to extend our thanks to everyone who's called and come in, to see if we have the book you're looking for, because you want to keep your money in your community. So many of you understand the David V. Goliath position small businesses are in for survival. We thank our regulars, who understand that comics aren't simply a commodity, but an art form to be appreciated. We thank you for caring about us and how so many of you who care that we are here. Together, we walk into a fresh year, loving our community. You are reading, eating, playing, gifting, and everything else "local". You make give us warm fuzzies every day.

So, thank you for being part of this Rogue City, this place we call home. The place we all feel seen, loved, and have a chance to be known. We really love you guys. Thanks you, Heroes, for keeping us here. Thank you 2020, for giving us another year of great books, our comics family, the honor of being an Eisner finalist, and the continued support from these strong grassroots that are Southern Oregon. This is where Steven and I grew up and where we will die, loving the beauty, heart, and soul of this community.

Here's to today, tomorrow, and every year after. May we continue to be more open, aware, and full of hope for the awesomeness that exists. Let's continue to be part of what's amazing in this world.

With all our hearts,

Jami & Steven


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