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Leap and the net will apear. Really, John Burroughs? Recently, I can't stop thinking of every "JUMP" analogy I've ever heard; the Van Halen and Kriss Kross songs, too. Friends, Steven did it! He made the leap. He is skydiving into the last few days of secure, good paying benefits. Eek.

Was it logical? Spock would definitely advise against this move. I'm proud of how he's handled this nerve-wracking process. We thought he'd be able to resign last spring. How silly of us.

Sometimes dreams take ALL of our attention and every ounce of courage. We believe in Rogue City Comics, in a way that is a bit unsettling right now, for sure. The new-ish Subaru was picked up today. For 20 years, we've enjoyed the awesome blessing of reliable transportation, regular paychecks, insurance, prescription, vision, and dental plans, bonuses, and the ability to do a wee bit of travel. We've been frugal since we got married. We budgeted tightly and welcomed hand me downs (from furniture and appliances to baby clothes) so that I could stay at home with our crew of four. We feel we're up for the challenge, but it does feel a bit like leaping off a cliff. It's been a fun and wild ride and here we are, jumping with no net, like so many of our fellow humans into the unknown. We are "risking it for the biscuit" ! Who came up with that saying, anyway?

Biscuits are delicious, but really, we're risking it to build something together to share life with you. Strong communities are built from smaller communities of people getting together and just sharing life. Heck, strong families are built the same way and even with just 2 of us in our home, we are challenged to step away from the devices that can be...well, divisive. Our days are filled with electronic entertainment and social media. I think some days we even forget to look at each other in the eyes. We want to expand the joy of being unplugged for a time each day. Talking with humans (and each other) face to face, sharing ideas and dreams, reading, creating, and just exploring our little city with our phones stashed into a pocket.

This is such a cool journey. We're learning so much and growing every day and look forward to the process of becoming a fantastic comic book destination shop. We're here to celebrate comics and all the reasons they're wonderful. We're so grateful to all of you and invite you to jump with us, unplug and connect. No batteries - or chargers needed! Leaps of faith can be risky, risking can be frightening, but also exhilarating.


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