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Comics are Booming!

Rogue City Family, we are so thankful to be part of your passion! It's been a wonderful time in the realm of comics and in the shop, as we've seen some gorgeous collections come in this year. We're working as quickly as we can to get these beauties in the case and on the wall.

It's a wonderful time in the world. Have you seen the incredible Promise Collection (Heritage Auctions) that has emerged from the ether? Maybe unicorns do exist and we'll keep dreaming to see some Golden Age goodness come through our door one day. Look up the story of the brothers who bought the comics in the Promise Collection, it will warm your heart.

This year is also seeing SO MANY new readers join our ranks and fall in love with comics. Not much makes us happier than watching superhero fans become readers...then watching them discover ALL the myriad stories beyond the spandex clad characters.

We've gotten so busy at the shop that I've put in my notice for my part-time green apron gig at Starbucks at the Commons. It's bittersweet and a little scary to walk away from the awesome benefits, but the time has come...since cloning isn't a thing. Also, could I really handle more than one Steven? I'll try to free him up to keep on top of all the special orders flooding in and to get those collections priced and into your hands!

It makes us happy to see you happy. The icing on this awesome cake is that we were recently selected as1 of 5 finalists in the world for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics retailer award, usually given each year at San Diego Comic Con. We are really humbled to be among the stellar shop owners nominated. We're all working hard to serve our comic book families well and to see the medium we love elevated and celebrated.

What's next? We've got some awesome Mystery Boxes going on sale soon, Free Comic Book Day on August 14th, and Jeff Johnson will be back in the fall to sign all of those sweet Extreme Carnage connecting covers for you. So, here's to the second half of 2021, Heroes, let's make it great!


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