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Will we be Eisner "Spirit of Comics" Finalists?

Ah...friends! It's been such a weird and wonderful year so far. The good stuff is REALLY good and the bad, truly awful.

Last Friday we sent off our documentation binder to the Comic-Con International Will Eisner Awards judges.

I'm still pinching myself about our nomination and Steven and I are so grateful. It's been awesome to reflect on our business adventure as I assembled the information and photos. Our hearts are full. Rogue Valley's comic book community is just phenomenal.

Some of our comics family are newer to the medium and are just now learning about the industry awards each year at Comic Con International. The following describes the retailer award:

"Each year Comic-Con International honors retailers from around the globe with the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, named after the visionary creator of The Spirit. When Will approached Comic-Con about initiating the award in the early 1990s, he wanted to do so as a way to acknowledge the important role that comics retailers play in the industry, nurturing the relationship between creators and their readers. The comic book retailer provides that vital link in getting the work from the creators and publishers to the public.

Will recognized the importance of that link, and Comic-Con continues to recognize it over 25 years after Will’s original idea. The Award is given out yearly to retailers who have done an outstanding job of supporting the comic art medium both in the industry at large and in their local community. Comics fans around the world have the opportunity to nominate their favorite stores here on the Comic-Con website. The 2020 Award will be given out as part of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards."

Click HERE to see the full list of comic book creator nominees and titles you may want to add to your reading list this summer! A few of the Rogue City top sellers are in the running.

So...yeah...we're excited! Stay tuned to see if we make it to the final round. Win or lose, at the end of the day...we're surrounded by comics. It's a beautiful thing!

Thanks for being part of our lives, Heroes.

Peace, love, and happy reading!

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