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June News

Here's the latest, Friends:

  • Comic artist Jeff Johnson will be our special guest on Third Friday next week!

  • Subscribers not only get 10% off list titles, but you now get a comic book on your birthday! FUN TRIVIA: Many of our subscribers at Rogue City are 1st time subscribers anywhere and that makes us so happy! One of our main goals when we began this adventure was to share the life-enhancing fun of comics with people who never considered themselves "comic book people". We say, welcome to the family!

  • We're currently pricing back issues to the great joy of many in our awesome community! It's a piece of the dream we've had to be patient for. We will always be on the lookout for special books to bring in. Steven just finished creating a "NEW OLDIES" section, as I type this!

  • It's a great time to fall in love with comics with so many new titles and #1s! I'm giddy a lot these days at all the beauty on the shelves!

  • Wednesday June 20th "Tony Stark Iron Man" launches and we'll do a giveaway of something awesome that day, come in to enter at the store!

  • We have a chalkboard with some upcoming series on them - such as Amazing Spiderman, Farmhand, and the Life of Captain Marvel, we'll call it the "Let Us Know if You Want It" board. If there is a book you're fairly certain you want, let us know ASAP so we can reserve a copy for you. We order our comic books 2 months out and can usually only make marginal adjustments as the launch date approaches, so the early birds generally do get the goodies first!

Happy reading, we'll see you soon!

Jami & Steven

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