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6 Things About Comic Books


Greetings, to our friends in the comic book loving community! Thank you for a great first month, or so. We LOVE stories and are learning some of yours. We're having a great time serving your comic book needs. Thanks for sharing your time and life with us.

Comic books just make life better. PERIOD. I may actually be developing a bit of a problem. I've always been a fan of a good story and majored in art in my one year at Oregon State University. I'm falling more in love with comic books and had to curb my playful hostility toward my boss (dear husband) for making me do stuff this week instead of just reading books. I do enjoy the work, too, but there are too many books and not enough time! There are so many different styles and stories.

Here's what I currently believe about comic books:

1) There is an abundance of serious talent in the world of comic books...writers and artists, I salute you!

2) There is a book for every person-even if they believe they "don't like" comic books. (Introduce yourself, tell me what you like, I will make it a mission to find you a book you will like.)

3) People who love comic books cannot simply be called geeks or nerds, how silly. (Although, I'll answer happily either.) Comic book fans are spectacular specimens of humanity: intelligent, creative, cool and work in every industry you can imagine. We've met people who work in service industries, medical and legal fields, law enforcement, photography, business, contractors, retailers, entrepreneurs, chefs, gifted artists (one with a PROLIFIC resume and worked with a guy named Jack Kirby), and talented writers.

4) You don't have to be a collector or know how to grade books to build your library of happiness. I have some eclectic comic book tastes (Steve thinks I'd be a terrible collector-like a psycho butterfly on caffeine-my words, not his). He's right, by all standards, I'm all over the place because of number five. (see below)

5) You can just buy what makes you happy, whether it's the dialogue, or the art, or just the cover. If you hold it and you feel joy (even if it's not a key issue), my theory is, GET IT and enjoy it.

6) You might want to get a subscription of Oblivion Song...I'm ridiculously calling it (early) THEE title of 2018. I am really not on the bandwagon. We received a lot of hype about this one before we got it and my thoughts were, "Meh." I didn't read it until the morning it was for sale. I didn't want to because the art initially put me off. I like a defined monster and my brain can't make sense of the creatures or why they are even scary...I was waiting for a giant Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man to appear. The story is solid. I know it's too soon to call that shot and it may not be your cup of chai. We've heard there will NOT be another printing of number one. Do what you will with that info and next January you can tell me if I am, in fact, ridiculous.

That's it for now, except for this last thing. I've been asked "if you were a superhero, what would you be?" I'm not sure what superpower I'd want but I know what my name would be. Until next time.

Sincerely yours,

Clueless Wonder (Woman) :D

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