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January Update

Wow, we've had our noses to the grindstone and I'm pausing for a quick blog update! We've been DIYing all over the place and I even learned how to do some wiring for lights. Having a retired contractor in the family has been beyond helpful (thanks, Dad Ronda)! We have stayed local in every area we've been able to for service and products.

Paint, check!

Floor installation (great job, Babe), check!

Lighting update, check!

Carpentry/fixes, check!

Electrical box (circa 1906) update, check!

Endless boxes of product flowing in, check!

Sign installed on window, check!

Gorgeous Iron Man for the window, check!

A million other details, almost a check!

I have to be honest and say, we're fairly mentally exhausted after this whirlwind of activity that began just a few months ago. We are SO EXCITED to get our doors open and welcome in Southern Oregon's comic fans and help create new ones. We're also tired. KUDOS and mad respect to small business owners. We are working our butts off!

People have been asking a lot this week, what are you carrying? We are currently geared toward readers predominantly and will not be bagging most of our stock. We'll have some older comics, mostly from Steven's collection, which tapered off after Beyond Comics closed in Medford. It was also around the time that distributors were flooding the market a bit. We won't be carrying sports cards or memorabilia, and initially will not be set up to buy boxed collections. As we start out, we'll be concentrating on new comic books, best selling trade paperbacks, local art, a few of our favorite board games (huzzah!) and some amazing local vendor custom creations.

Our goal is to find out what our local clientele wants to see in our family friendly space. We'll try to create a glorious mash up between what we love and what you love! We will support the love of all things comics and local businesses in our part of the state of Oregon. We believe we've created a space unlike any we've seen before. We hope to be a place where new fans are born, one comic at a time!

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