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Working Hard was Never so Much Fun!

Steven is working full time, I work part time, and we're at the shop mostly every day doing some manner of updating our little piece of circa 1906 downtown building heaven. (The photo above is upstairs in the mezzanine event area.) The shop is empty now, but it will be a fun space full of a variety of awesomeness! We've been asked what is the shop going to be like. In a nutshell: bright, with a touch of minimalism, and inviting to all. The paint looks incredible, the floor is coming along slowly, our old backs hurt, and our hands are dry and cut up from so much cleaning, scraping, and scrubbing. It's amazing and we're sincerely having a blast!

We're meeting many of our great neighbors downtown and are so excited to get open! Feedback has been great so far, people in the community seem to be interested in what we're doing and happy to see a shop like ours come in. You can always tell the ones who've enjoyed comic books at some point in their lives, there is a little spark of fond memory you can see flash in their eyes. I totally have been feeling like a kid as I have been "studying" by reading a variety of books. The art and the stories just take me back. So many of the new ones are just really cool, too!

Steven has a lot of knowledge of his favorite comic books over the years and I'm trying to get acquainted with a lot of new heroes and story lines. I'm trusting that many of our customers will school me regularly as I am catching up.

My fondness for comic books goes way back to grade school. I didn't have comics at home, but my neighbors did. They were a fun family to be with and had comic books! I loved loitering next door. I loved eating meals at their house, but LUNCH was special. No one talked, we ate sandwiches, chips, pickles, and read comic books. Talking wasn't banned, we just didn't because we were all into our stories. Mostly it was-don't laugh-Archie and Jughead, Casper, Richie Rich, and Uncle Scrooge with Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I also read my big brother's Mad Magazines, which I only partially understood back then. Comic books make me happy!

We look forward to meeting other readers, writers, and artists in the near future! If we don't catch you beforehand, have a very good Thanksgiving. We are truly thankful for each day and this incredible opportunity we are investing our life savings into! (Yes, some family members think we've lost our minds.) Be well, our comic book loving friends!

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